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Welcome to WordPress.com. I moved my old Blogger, come SquareSpace, blog over to WordPress. It is for archiving purposes. Some posts or content might get reposted, in the future, to my current blog at tanyacodispodi.wordpress.com.

Thanks for stopping by. If you see any broken links or images, my apologies. They were lost, upon Import, into WordPress.


Gasland – New Blog Post on TribecaFilm.com

Yes, summer has ended and I am getting back into the swing of things. Here is a blog post I wrote — Your Land, My Land, GasLand.

Courtesy of GaslandTheMovie.com

If you didn’t catch Gasland this summer on HBO and live in NYC, check out my blog post on TribecaFilm.com and find links on where to find it. 

I promise more design-related posts on the site in the near future. Though, side-note, Gasland had some mighty fine graphics throughout the film and title treatment. Their new website is pretty snazzy, too. Look, brought this back around to something design-y. See, everything fits in my Design Haus!

Vacation and Summertime.

©Warrenski, Flickr User

Summer on the Jersey Shore brings a lot of lazy Summer days at the beach and the occasional trip to the Outlets. Last week, I was on vacation and made such a trip to the Outlets with my Family.

I am not a big Puma fan, but I might be after buying some coats in preparation for the oncoming cold months, and finding the best tags I have ever seen. So smart, well-designed, and funny. 

Take a look:






So lazy-hazy Summer days bring more camera-clicking then design-making. Plan to see plenty of images posted over the Summer, once I can get myself to sit inside for a whole day and process. 

Oh wait, I hear someone calling me (“Wastin away in Margaritaville, Searchin for my lost shaker of salt…“). Enjoy the Summer, Sweeties!

Hello, Squarespace!

I have moved my blog from Blogger to my own site, through Squarespace. I now have my own URL. Look up there, ain’t it pretty?! 

After I am done updating my portfolio, which is also on this site (and also my Flickr account), I will start blogging more regularly about my live through the design-er glasses that I wear. Hope against hope, maybe get back to regularly making piffy one-off designs under the Design a Day tag!

Design a Day- Revised Apt. 4

So it looks like my new job is keeping me just as busy at this moment. I hate being one of those people who let their New Year’s Resolution let fall to the wayside.

I will put any freelance pieces I do and any sketches I make up here under Design a Day. Hopefully it will be more the once a month!

Based off of what I did last month for Apt. 4, they wanted the 4 to be the same as that on their door, so that there was a more personal touch to the logo.

Unfortunately, it limits some of the options that were favored in the first round.

I think this is the strongest combination. It needs the chunkier typeface for ‘Apt’. Anything thinner gets lost next to the 4.

Design a Day- Apt. 4

With the big project now over, I am going to try to make up for all of the Design a Days that I have missed.

I decided to start with a project that can span some of the days I missed.

This is a logo redesign, for a friend. You can find out more here: Apt. 4, Food and Wine.

Below is the first round of logos for them to choose. Please include any suggestions you might have in the comments below.

Design a Day– On Hold

Because of the hours I am currently putting in at work, Design a Day is on hold. I will make up all these days (hopefully) after it calms down. Thanks!

Design a Day– Cereal Killer

March 2nd. Okay, so I already told you that I loved Hackers. This shouldn’t be surprising, if you get the reference. I was going to do something more literal, but I found this typeface and I loved it. 

cereal killer
Typeset in You Can Read Me.

Design a Day- Soul Provider

March 1st. I can’t believe it is March. I bet you can’t either. I am happy that summer is closer, granted, but where do time go?!

I just wanted to do something cute tonight. I keep playing with the decorative typefaces. I must be in a loop of sorts, but I will keep enjoying it until it ends.

Soul Provider

Typeset in Quart 07 and NeoRetroShadow.

Design a Day- Black Swan Event

February 28th. So I am not going to explain to you what Black Swan Event means, but look it up on Wiki. Anyway, I think it makes a very cool band name. So here is my logo for my kick-ass rock group in my head.

Black Swan Event

Typeset in St. Andrew and Back In The USSR DL (slightly modified).